Climbing Kilimanjaro along the Machame route

In February 2008 the Brown Boys, Greg & Gary (that's me) joined up with 4 others to trek the Machame Route on Mount Kilimanjaro.

I had originally intended to keep a journal of the trek and post it here in the form of a diary. Once on the trail I found that my photographic motivation was, as expected, extremely high while my journalistic motivation was on the other end of the scale.

IMG 2075An adventure such climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is something one desires to share with others in one form or another. Knowing that the climb was going to be physically and mentally challenging, it was my goal to cover all aspects of getting prepared. In doing so I intended to make it a totally positive experience rather than just somehow getting my "butt" up the "hill" and back down again.

The Kilimanjaro experience begins long before one sets foot in Tanzania. The preparation itself can and should be an important component of the total adventure.

IMG 1975Many Kilimanjaro trekkers have written and posted wonderful and detailed journals of their Kilimanjaro expeditions (see link page). I won't attempt to duplicate their efforts. What I would like to do though, is to augment the available information with experiences and thoughts that I hadn't encountered during my research, as well as a section on my photography experiences.

I hope that this site will be of some assistance to those following in the "footsteps" of the thousands of trekkers, who annually attempt Kilimanjaro.

On the subject of "footsteps"... once the decision has been reached to attempt Kilimanjaro, this is when the first of many footsteps should be made... footsteps to your physician (check-up & vaccinations), footsteps to your local outdoor shop (proper equipment), and many, many more footsteps (preferably with a loaded backpack) to get into proper shape etc...
Do not underestimate the Kilimanjaro experience... It is not a "walk in the park"!